Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Most Influential voting ends May 27 at 6:00 pm

Just a reminder to vote for Alex as the top nominee in the Civic Leadership category, Most Influential Latin@s of Silicon Valley! Voting ends on Thursday, May 27 at 6:00 pm. Please tell everyone you know to vote for Alex!

Vote at: http://vivamacsa.ipower.com/

The top one honoree in each category will be announced at MACSA's Que Viva fundraiser on Saturday, June 27th at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. You can also find out more information about Alex and his accomplishments on his website: http://aontiveros.com

by Selena Ontiveros

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vote for Alex as the top honoree - Most Influential Latinos!

Our very own Alex has been honored as one of the Most Influential Latinos of Silicon Valley! Of course, we already knew that he's pretty influential, but it's official now. In MACSA's 3rd annual event, Alex is one of the top 10 honorees in the Civic Leadership category. This is an especially great honor for Alex as this event was his brainchild and he brought it to fruition over 3 years ago.

It's up to us now to make sure that he's the top honoree in Civic Leadership. Please vote for him online at http://vivamacsa.ipower.com/

A few tips:
- If you're at work, turn down your volume as mariachi music plays once the site launches.
- Click on "Honorees" at the top and then the "Click here to vote" in red.
- It'll take you to a new survey monkey page where you can vote. (If you want to vote for the other categories, you'll have to click on each page separately.)
- Only 1 vote per computer is allowed, so make sure you vote from all your computers!

The top one honoree in each category will be announced at MACSA's Que Viva fundraiser on Saturday, June 27th at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. MACSA celebrates its 45th anniversary, and honors the Most Influential Latinos of Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley Latino Hall of Fame inductee, Luis Valdez. We'll be getting a table, so let me know if you're going to attend!

Thanks for your vote! And please tell everyone you know to go vote for Alex!

By Selena Ontiveros

Monday, April 6, 2009

Building Community in 2009 - CHispPA Q1 Meeting

On March 4, 2009 CHispPA held another well attended and successful general membership meeting, this time it was hosted by Intel and sponsored by Latino start-up, Discount Tax. This meeting featured an empowering keynote speech by Dr. Roberto Vargas as well as a dynamic and incredibly insightful presentation by Mitch Posada of Grupo Entrada on the rapidly growing Latino population and the impressive purchasing power trends. The evening’s program was concluded with an engaging panel discussion moderated by Gustavo de la Torre, Human Relations Officer at the Santa Clara Valley Water District. It featured experts in the fields of Employment (Leah Solorio-Fimbrez of County of Santa Clara’s Employment Connection), Social Media (Margarita Quihuis of Ricoh Innovations), Business Development (Michael Griego of MXL Partners), and Small Business Development (Alexandro Serrudo of the Minority Business Enterprise Center. All and all it was another successful CHispPA event exceeding our members’ expectations. We look forward to holding the next one in Q2!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Re-Launch photos

CHispPA is delighted with the success of the re-launch event as there were numerous community leaders, community partners and returning members as well as former CHispPA/PMAA mentees in attendance. Gustavo De La Torre, Human Relations Officer from event host Santa Clara Valley Water District welcomes those in attendance.

Alex Ontiveros, CHispPA Chairman, addressing the audience and providing some details on the history of the organization.

The CHispPA Board of Directors is also delighted with Univision's news coverage on the re-launch event.

Antonio Chavez, former PMAA President provides further insight on the CHispPA history as it relates to its predecesor organization the Personnel Management Association of Aztlan.

Michael Canul, CEO of De Computis and Joe Velasco VP of Marketing and Business Development at Discount Tax deliver event sponsor remarks. Michael is also the CHispPA VP of Finance and Joe is one CHispPA's Members at Large.

Joe as he also address the audience and expresses his enthusiasm to be involved in with CHispPA.

Monday, November 17, 2008

12th International Latino Film Festival

Alex with four time Grammy nominee and Afro-Latin musician exrtaordinaire, John Santos at the 12th International Latino Film Festival after party. Alex and Selena in the house representing CHispPA.

John was also a 2008 Most Influential Latino of Silicon Valley Honoree recognized during the 2008 Red Carpet Gala.

Alex with Fesitval Director and 2008 Most Influential Latino of Silicon Valley Honoree, Sylvia Perel.

Friday, October 31, 2008

"Under the Same Moon" screening and post movie discussion

CHispPA would like to thank Eva Blanco and Santa Clara University for inviting us to collaborate with them on Thursday night's "Under the Same Moon" screening and post movie interview with writer and executive producer Ligiah Villalobos. We truly enjoyed our participation on this project!

Alex would also like to thank the CHispPA Board members who helped put this project together as well as all of the CHispPA members and friends that came out to support this event.

It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have interview Ms. Villalobos as she was incredibly open, insightful, passionate and inspiring with all of her answers.

Eva Blanco, Assistance Dean, Undergraduate Admissions - Santa Clara University, presented Ms. Villalobos with a certificate of recognition.

Lastly, the entire audience at the screening loved the movie and was able to see why it has been such a well-received film and why it has received such critical acclaim.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

CHispPA is very excited about our collaborative efforts in co-presenting tonight's "Under the Same Moon" movie screening and post movie discussion with the film's writer and executive producer Ligiah Villalobos.

We also look forward to reconnecting to many of our members at this event!

In Community Spirit,

Alex Ontiveros